How to Do a Quality Check on Carpentry

How to Do a Quality Check on Carpentry


Carpentry is more than a set of skills and techniques; it is an independent art by itself.

The carpenter’s touch often directly affects the outcome of a piece of work. Therefore, when checking the quality of any finished carpentry, you have to know what to look for and what good quality means.

Are there any standardised ways to ascertain the quality of the carpentry? Let’s find out!


The Method

1. Whether it adheres to the design

When you hire handymen to make furniture in your home, you have to first prepare the furniture’s design print for their reference.

When checking, you should first determine when the furniture adheres to the design, and then see if the materials used are what you had demanded.

Design: Starry Homestead>

2. Whether each board is straight and perpendicular to the other

Whether the carpentry is made in a horizontal or vertical direction, carpentry done skillfully is always straight and neat.

Check whether the curves (if that is present in the design) are smooth and even. For repeated patterns, check if each pattern identical to the other.

Overall, the piece of furniture should have neat, clean and symmetrical lines. There should not be bumps and dents.

Loft style platform



Rinnai - Scratch and Sure Win!>

3. Whether the corners and patterns are done well

Except for unusual designs, the corners of the carpentry is always bent at 90 degree.

For wood mosaic work, there should either be no gaps between the blocks, or uniformly sized gaps between.

Design: 96 Designers Group>

4. Whether doors open and close properly

When checking the doors, open and close them several times to see if the movement is smooth.

There should be no strange noise made when opening the doors.

Design: Violetta Design Studio>



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